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Robert has been a godsend. He came to my house, checked it over carefully and made a number of recommendations regarding how I might feel safer at home. We decided together on a course of action and he has really helped me to follow through on this. Together we chose a home security system that made sense for me and had that installed. We also worked on motion sensor lights and on what I would call a heightened sense of awareness as I am out in the world. I feel like I have what I need to move forward with life, taking sensible precautions but not living in fear.

Robert has also been a healing presence. He has a very calm persona that will be reassuring to women who have been abused by men, and has helped me personally to overcome the tendency to allow one mans treatment of me to define my feelings about men in general. He has made himself available for some unpleasant duties, such as simply being with me during the removal of ACs belongings from the house.

Name withheld for security reasons

Minneapolis, MN

We hired Robert to provide security at our May 2013 wedding in Minneapolis. Robert was a true professional. He has incredible attention to detail and a very strong work ethic. He made everyone feel very comfortable with his sense of humor and genuine personality. We are so happy with his work and would hire him again in an instant! Highly recommended!

Gretchen Burgess, Attorney, Nowlan & Mouat LLP

Minneapolis, MN

Robert is a very detail-oriented professional. He pays close attention to his surroundings and is so personable. I really enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to any company hiring protection. He is a hard-working person and definitely knows how to get the job done.

Jacqueline Schauls, Digital Marketing Expert, CODA GROOVES ENT.

Saint Paul, MN

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